$3,000 Bitcoin ATM Deposit Directly to Bitconnect! Coinsource ATM

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205 Replies to “$3,000 Bitcoin ATM Deposit Directly to Bitconnect! Coinsource ATM”

  1. Was it deposited to Bitconnect account exchange or Bitconnect Wallet? I maybe incorrect but I think you may have missed to video the part where your wallet QR code is scanned. Thanks for your video and be waiting for your feedback,

    1. Daeshell Burton hindsight is always 20/20 it’s always easy to say that when you already know the outcome. Either way, he’s doubled his money and is making money regardless of the price of bitcoin. We don’t just buy and hold. We make money and cash out as we choose.

    2. BitCoiN BraN it’s just facts. That .495 would be 7717 as of today. Even if he doubled you guys still left almost 2k on the table and gave it to bitconnect. A more honest opportunity is USI tech. They pay you in BTC. So if the price skyrocketed you’d profit too.. Not just bitconnect

  2. Thanks for sharing, I only use the ATMs when I’ve hit my limit on CB… BTC is great but look into XRP and get a Ledger Nano S… that’s my 2 cryptocents

    1. Where was this location at? I’m in Dallas and the lowest I’ve found was 8% fee (Free Man in Deep Ellem)… from your video, $30 for a $3k deposit is worth a drive for me

    1. +fanon the Bad you’re right, a bunch of people are jumping into crypto all at once causing a bunch of craziness right now.

  3. I need a machine for Europe without cash, only Cards to crypto and crypto to Cards like visa, mastercard, prepaid… ect.. Can ayone help me?

    1. Bitcoin is the hen house though, it’s heading to 1 million, ripple only came out so the banks can load up on bitcoin while everyone is buying this centralized coin and buying a coin that is really only worth like .50 $ ripple is worthless compared to bitcoin

    1. BitCoiN BraN all utilities have a license to operate even if decentralized and are legal entities within their state they still have to follow federal and state regulations. Bitcoin is an illegal unapproved form of currency in the USA at present. The owners of these crypto curriencies are so desperate to hide the identities of the coin owners because they know it will collapse once they have to reveal identities of coin owners to the government. Banks are required to reveal identities of ownership in transactions sent and recieved. The USD is a legal and approved form of currency unlike most crypto currencie. Look up AML (any money laundering) and bank secrecy act. You have to read this stuff or your gonna get screwed. Violation of AML can have u in jail. They even telling you all to not take the money out and wait till it is worth 1 million . LMAO. You know why? Because it’s a Ponzi scheme. They never want you to withdraw your funds or the scheme collapses. Get your money out now if you can. Once it collapses which will occur overnight as usual, you will not get a dollar out. I know u work hard for your money. I would hate to see you lose it.

    2. N Esq they don’t tell you to do anything. What are you talking about? If you actually watched my channel, you would see that I’ve withdrawn many times from this plus other coins. You’re obviously clueless to crypto currency. Are you actually holding any coins or are you just on my channel to argue?

    3. BitCoiN BraN definitely not gonna hold a “coin” umm “stock”, umm “currency”. I’m blowing the warning horn. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink.

    4. BitCoiN BraN thanks. I really hope this works at for you and everyone in the end. I want everyone to make money at the end of the day.

    1. +SuperNelomar you want to be broke all of your life and living paycheck to paycheck? If you do, That’s cool. I don’t, and I’m not. This $3k has more than trippled already. Lol

    2. Dominick Me because that’s privacy. I’m not going to show you my bank account info, but I’ve withdrawn money many times.

  4. This money doesn’t exist already .. now you just doesn’t exist x2 . When this idiotic thing will stop … don’t go out in the streets be like where my money at .. they are in tress ..tress you can’t find . Don’t be blocking traffic on my way to work .

  5. Who the Fugk cares. I wanna see somebody withdraw some money. This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a minute.

  6. Time travelers coming back from the future are saying that bitcoin is the only currency used in the future because it can’t be countetfitted or hacked. This might just be the birth of the future economy. Its crazy how much the worth of bitcoin has increased even though you can’t even use it in many places

    1. OG Bobby Johnson bitcoin is digital currency, pretty much like a digital stock market. You can buy and hold crypto, day trade crypto, or loan your bitcoin to a lending platform that pays you interest daily based on the amount invested. I explain in detail on my other videos. Checkout my how to earn interest daily video.

  7. There’s no money in Bitcoin unless you’re putting tons of money into it….trust me if you could get rich by buying Bitcoin it wouldn’t be at a gas station…don’t get fooled by this…do your research

    1. Nolram Ttirrem sounds like you haven’t done much research yourself. Have you ever heard of altcoins? There’s roughly 1,400 crypto currency coins on the market. Bitcoin is just one of them.

    2. BitCoiN BraN yes I have done my research & you need a lot of money to profit from right now…we were speaking of Bitcoin not the other ones I thought

    3. Bitcoin is a global craze……..Because so many new people are buying it (and so quickly!), it’s impossible to accurately value.

      When the price of anything fluctuates 20-30 percent in one day, it’s obviously unstable, so you could lose all of your money very quickly. Especially if you need your money in the next year, don’t buy bitcoin. With the insane short-term fluctuations, bitcoin is short-term gambling, not investing.

    1. Muse tha Millionaire cool thanks for the video. I’ve already withdrawn over 3k from bitconnect, just never on camera

    1. Boo Five na. Bro. You don’t spend 15k. You can buy $100 worth of bitcoin or $10. It doesn’t matter how much you buy.

    1. Jose Villa make sure you use your bitcoin wallet address in bitconnect. Check out very first 2 videos. Use that same concept to send from the atm to bitconnect.

  8. And I say again you will not get rich from something you get from a atm at a gas station unless you’re buy a lottery ticket and our lucky af …their is no money in bit coin unless you dump tons of money into it…the money has already been made….read the facts….people only want you to buy Bitcoin from these machines because they make a profit every time you purchase from it…don’t be fooled…wake up people do your research

    1. Nolram Ttirrem it’s an atm for bitcoin. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. You have no clue what we actually did with the bitcoin.

    2. BitCoiN BraN I never said I new what you did with it and I could care less but I can sense the frustration in your messages…..I’m just stating facts that this is pretty much a wasted investment as I have stated several times before unless you are putting great amounts into this to see a potential return going to a gasoline station to buy it only makes the gasoline station owner money not you! This is my last response I’m not going to lip wrestle with you because you don’t agree with my opinion…happy new year

    3. Nolram Ttirrem I’m not
      Frustrated at all. Lol if you don’t know how to make money in crypto, then stay away from it, your brain is wrapped around us using the atm, when this money deposited has now multiplied from what has been done with it. So… What you’re saying means nothing to me. Have a nice day.

  9. Question what are good online wallets / iPhone mobile wallets??? For crypto and alt coins
    I’m a beginner should I stick to bitcoin?

    1. I made over $6k from compound interest, so I’m not bothered one bit. And when I say $6k I mean withdrawn out over half of that back to my bank account, the rest has gone to other crypto I have. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t be stupid or foolish. I’m smarter than that. Are you?

    1. Local Fixx what you’re saying is a lie because you can create an account without a referral and earn interest. So if you never actually had an account, you’re just believing what you’re hearing. I didn’t have a sponsor and made money before I started talking about it. I can guarantee the job you work at has a referral system.

  10. 3 months later ..its all a fraud !! reL PEOPLE LOST MONEY …REAL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED to Doug polk …sad sad sad

    1. LitGeekSquad Official in 3 months over $6k was made. So…. Yea it sucks what happened to bitconnect, but if you would’ve bought bcc at the dip and sold it again You could’ve made even more money. You gotta be smart to be in crypto. Don’t be simple minded.

    2. BitCoiN BraN making a decent profit on actual exchanges is pretty easy, no need for a magical algorithm to do it for you

    1. Nebzz lol you all commenting this same thing are simple minded. Over $6k was made from the time of this video to now. So was it really a loss? Na. We good.

    1. Joshua Lambert Well let’s see… I cashed out over 6 grand before the cease and desist. So it worked out well. Anymore questions?

    1. 6ix9ine no need to feel sorry, if you’ve watched all of my later videos 3 months later, you’ll see that I’ve made over $6k from bitconnect.

    1. King Jay no I didn’t. You people commenting on this video are simple minded and don’t realize this video was almost 4 months ago. I’ve more than double this money and withdrawn before bitconnect went down. But thanks for watching. Come back and watch it again. Lol

  11. Thank You! Nice Video!!
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  12. hey i tried depositing the money but i received a recepit saying pending ! how do i slove the problem pls help

  13. what if he was about to put the last bill then the store they were in lost electricity then they lost 2900$ because the store lost electricity then they got angry
    that rage sound would be the best fail and meme of 2017

  14. Ok so bitcoin is not only an investment. You use it to BUY stuff u cant normally buy. That’s why it’s a different amount then dollar amount. Tax for anonymity!

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