Here is a short video of how to use a Bitcoin ATM to redeem / sell your Bitcoins at and turn them into cash.

I go over how to use your bitcoin wallet at a bitcoin automated teller machine to sell your bitcoins for cash in US dollars.
Things needed: Access to a wallet that has your bitcoins in it. A local Bitcoin ATM.

First select Withdraw. 2 Verify your phone number. 3 Select the amount you want. 4 Then Scan the qr code with your phone. 5 Select the priority fee that you want. and 6 wha-la, it gives you cash

You can search online for a bitcoin ATM near you:

I accept Bitcoins T-shirt:

You may also want to look into a hardware wallet for holding some of your bitcoin:

Video By Dungeon Studios Prototyping:

58 Replies to “Bitcoin ATM, how to sell Bitcoins”

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  4. When the ATM shown the exact amount of BTC u needed to transfer, is that included the miner fees? How many percentage is the best for seller?

    1. Kindo Ng no, what you see on the atm is just the $200 amount, you get to choose the fee from your phone. The amount was .008805, I sent .008847, the more you pay in fees the faster the miners will process your transaction.

  5. Hi, I used Hero Coin ATM, I tried a 100 dollars transaction and pay for the fee like 3 dollars and never have my money, I think Hero coin steal my bitcoins because I never have an answer. And them made a discount from my wallet. Do you know if I can do something about?

    1. Is there a number on the atm that you can call? Sounds like you did not pay a high enough fee? Look up the transaction in your wallet, then look for the transaction on the block chain

    2. Yes, I call every day and they say its on process, but they did the descount from my wallet/ And yes, have the block chain

    3. low roller scratcher yes, finally after one month waiting. The customer serviced is the worst on hero Coin, I not recommend it!!! And worst because I lost money because the price of the bitcoin was different!!!

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  9. I used lot of ways to sell bitcoin for cash, the best one is; I sell bitcoin and they send cash to pickup locally in my country. They also can send it as a bank transfer. all of that with 0 FEES

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