10 Replies to “Bitcoin ATMs Launching in Canada”

  1. Ya there’s are reserves in a sense but your currency is mainly backed by your belief in it. To say currency is worth something because of the government isn’t true if you have a distrust of the government.

  2. yeah but US has gunships, airships and starships and police, NSA and FBI that can lock you up in a dungeon and make you believe that dollar is still worth something- the same goes for other countries. Bitcoin has a guy in a 1 bedroom flat who gets on the floor as soon as some government agency raids his house….

    I’m not saying Bitcoin cannot work, but at the moment it’s future is still pretty much unclear.

  3. I don’t know which person it was who said that the language is a dialect with an army and a navy, but the same can be said here… USD is Bitcoin with an army and a navy. And it’s hard for a dialect to become a language and for Bitcoin to become USD without the proverbial army and navy…

  4. Confidence? Like how the USA just prints billions of $ whenever they need it? Backed by what? Lol. People are quickly losing confidence in the US dollar and that’s why bitcoin is growing so fast.

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