24 Replies to “Bitcoin: Buying from a Bitcoin ATM Machine using cash.”

  1. I think you just got ripped off with ATM probe fee. You do not have $20 in BTC, it will be less. Don’t use a BTC ATM machines…. much better ways in buying BTC.

    1. There are other ways of buying BTC in a “knowledgeable” way that is not on an ATM. They are just ripping you off. My intention is not to be a jerk. All the ATMs are in the business of making money off of all of you that are using them…. and most charge a ridiculous fee now that BTC is getting much more into the main media. There are other ways of buying BTC that is not on an ATM. THat’s all I’m saying. Knowledgeable and like Spock would say… “logical”

    1. Those atm charges high a$$ fees. Give or take . Sample Like get 22 worth of btc for 40 or they won’t give what btc is worth. Can’t refund once you decide to back out. Ohhhhh you give all your info and money before you know what you getting.

    2. toan Nguyen it’s not a scam coinsource is regulated. However you are correct about fees. If you need to buy Bitcoin in a hurry this is the best option and most secure

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  3. Thank you i wish every one was as smart and make it easy as you. Thank u I was paying a girl 35.00 to do it for me cus i did not no about it .thank you

  4. So on my phone via text i can get that paper with the scanner thing?
    Im confused i want to buy something online but need bitcoins.
    Do i need a app to use these atms?

    1. You dont need an app to use the ATM (to receive bitcoin on an address), but you will need an app to send bitcoin. You could also use computer software like exodus.io or a web service like coinbase.com .

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