Bitcoin’s risen more than 900% this year, during that time it’s had periods where it was up 44% or down 25% against the dollar, fluctuations not seen in other assets, like gold. The WSJ’s Thomas Di Fonzo travels around NYC’s Bitcoin ATM’s to demonstrate just how volatile the virtual currency is. Photo: Alexander Hotz / The Wall Street Journal

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54 Replies to “Bitcoin Price Mania: An ATM Adventure with BTC”

    1. Jane Lin If you look at the money invested it is miniscule. Financial institutions are beginning to soften their view of the new technology. It hasnt reach remotely its potential.

    2. It will be interesting to see if Bitcoin can fix it’s issues of coming regulation, fee and delay. However, even with these coming issues, it still has great strength as an asset like gold.
      Consensus and trust is the replacement of central banks, and it will be far better in terms of inflation and financial breakdowns caused by the Fed.

    3. Jane Lin The dotcom bubble crashed and stabilized afterwards, do you understand how economics works? Things rarely crash and dissappear.

  1. Yup bitcoin has frequent value changes… good point.. One question though.. what is inflation? How has its history influence the value of other currencies?

    1. Jane Lin, Inflation is a weakness of storing your value long term in fiat currencies. Bitcoin offers an alternative to that issue to those who suffer the consequences. Thats a key aspect of its utility for majority of users. It wouldnt make much sense otherwise, would be a waste of money.

    2. hahaha, well no, obviously that’s not what inflation is. Because there was still inflation in 1880 when we were on the Gold Standard.
      AND Bitcoin IS ALSO A FIAT CURRENCY. There is NOTHING propping up bitcoin but your faith in bitcoin. If that faith falters, there is NOTHING underwriting the “value” of bitcoin to prevent it from crashing.
      It’s Dutch Tulips. Worse than tulips, because bitcoin can be hacked.

  2. Surprised these guys didn’t block comments, if you really want to spend your bitcoin research these companies Bitpay, Tenx or Wirex they provide visa debit cards that allow you to spend your bitcoin everywhere. Also yes for now bitcoin is volatile but long term the price will be more stable and a lot higher. So you guys can either listen to the media who are control by bankers who want to keep you poor and in there system or you can be involved in history with bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

    1. I clearly understand more lool look into your history every fiat currency has collapse our current monetary system hands down will collapse soon and Crypto is already the present and will be the future. You’re either going to be a Dinosaur or smart. It can cost up to $1,000 to great a bitcoin depend on the cost of your electricity bill. The USD is a bubble Stock markets are a bubble to USD printing cash everyday out off thin air lool mine times occupied good luck on your ventures in life I’ve got more crypto to make

    2. lol, anty, bitcoin is also a fiat currency.
      There is nothing unwriting the “value” of bitcoin except its mining cost, which is barely 10% of it’s trading price. There is no gold or other hard commodity backing bitcoin. THAT’S A FIAT CURRENCY – AND A BUBBLE.
      And if the dollar crashes, bitcoin will crash too.
      Because the whole world economy will collapse.
      Your astonishingly complete ignorance of economics can’t change the fact that Bitcoin is a bubble. Neither can your pitiful insults or phony platitudes.
      You have presented ZERO evidence that even suggests that bc is in any way stable.

    3. What point?
      Unsubstantiated claims like ” long term the price will be more stable and a lot higher” are not a point, it’s a prayer.
      There is no reason to believe bitcoin will stabilize in the current environment. Bitcoin has become a haven for speculators.
      Speculators only do two things to a market: make bubbles, and pop them.

  3. What is the trading buy/sell spread on a $10 bitcoin / us dollar exchange transaction? I suspect it must be very large. If it was only $3.20 on a total of $50 it is bad enough.

    1. another sucker pronounces his self delusion.
      if “economics” tells you anything, it’s that it’s definitely a bubble.

    2. i don’t think so. more self delusion. they have been saying other things about it but the word “bubble” is reserved for high priced items. it’s price is only now in bubble territory. you know what they also called a bubble?? real estate in china. now worthless. also tech stocks in the nineties. also crashed. and mortgages and securities in 2007. how did that turn out? like i said. if this is your first investment then you are doomed to learn history the hard way. every time a bubble comes along there is a bunch of suckers who think the next big thing doesn’t obey all the rules of economics. the market will learn you when the time is right

  4. What a waste of time, money, human energy and most importantly time. A bubble. That’s it. This so called “currency” is for creeps and scammers.

  5. It’s like you can afford a gourmet hamburger for the morning and go straight up to having a Mac saver a few hours laters

    1. JASDKA1 just buy them from your computer or phone on an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini. If you get enough experience, you can trade without fees on Gdax.

  6. Bitcoin is a valiant idea, but right now it’s still useless, because no one takes it. It doesn’t change hands. That could change, but it could also implode far before that time.

  7. Made for a fun video, but ATMs eat you alive with “convenience fees.” Just get them on an exchange like a normal person.

  8. He’s claiming that the different prices at different ATMs are caused by the time it takes to walk from one to the other. It’s like claiming that if you go from one supermarket to another, the different prices of tomatoes must be caused by the time it takes to walk from one to the other.

  9. i never see how to get money back..japan has started accepting bicions as a real currency , let me see that and in have bitcoins and yen im my bank

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