Sending Bitcoin overseas. Then Converting Bitcoin into cash. Bitcoin ATM in Manila Philippines.


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41 Replies to “Bitcoin to Cash | Bitcoin ATM Manila Philippines”

  1. Very cool. Yeah, Ripple/XRP just partnered with MoneyGram a couple of days ago, so I think that might be a better option than Bitcoin with its high fees and slow confirmations.

    I heard Stellar (XLM) is already being used for remittances out there in the Philippines, though not sure if it’s true or not.

    Btw, I stayed right across from Sunette last March, at Hotel Durban. Very close to Burgos indeed. Thanks for the vid.

    1. +V LS yes i think there’s a lot of money transfers with remittance and everything else that could be simplified a great deal with crypto. It’s good to see a couple bitcoin atms but i do think other currencies are probably much more suited to the rapid response needed for atm withdrawals.
      Burgos street was fun we have a video coming out in a couple days but you do but won’t monetize it 😋

    2. what high fees? bitcoin network has stopped getting spammed so back to 1 satoshi per byte. and you do realise Ripple is the scamiest piece of shit ever.

    1. +tim wade that one is just bitcoin but i’ve seen online that the newer atm machines will have multiple currencies.

  2. good stuff. I see on the website they have face to face money changers in Fort/Taguig area. Have you visited these places, yet? Seems like it would be more hassle free than using these ATM’s

    1. +ForceOfWizardry i don’t think we’ve been in that area .. we were thinking a atm that used bitcoin cash for one of the faster cryptocurrencies it would be great in angeles city for all that money transferring that goes on there 😎

  3. i still don’t understand this bitcoin stuff…im going to have to Google it 😂 or search YouTube..maybe i just old😂ingat always guys☺

    1. +Paul Flanagan there are a few good descriptions on youtube but i would suggest reading some of the white papers if you’re really considering it.

  4. Bitcoin ATM ….wow…i see it for the first time….like all these Filipino’s i also like ATM’s … long as someone else is withdraw money for me …

    1. +Ahmer Choudhary haha… I didn’t do a good job of explaining it but it’s simpler than it looks 😋 and the machine does a pretty good job of walking you through it

  5. Hey Todd. You two will have a great time on Burgos Street. I stayed at the Royal Bellagio last year and visited many places up and down Burgos. I look forward to seeing yours and Crishel,s videos there. She will be overwhelmed with all that is going on. Lol. Be safe

    1. +Sir Paul haha.. yes it is a very interesting places 😋 a video will probably come out in a few hours it’s finished we’re just doing the upload..

    2. hahaha I don’t like the place.. they think i’m one of them.. I always try to take care of my reputation in every places I go.. as my parents raised me like conservative….. hehehe

    3. filipina life yes I know you are conservative good girl Crishel. I just think it interesting to see all the activity on Burgos street. It was my first time to see and I just watched with amazement. Have a great time and be safe.

  6. I don’t see the big appeal for bitcoin, especially when it involves a conversion between other currencies, crypto or otherwise – you’re gonna take a hit on the exchange rate spread with each conversion, right?

    1. +celtosaxon it’s an inflation hedge there is only a certain number of bitcoins that will ever be created.. unlike many central banks in governments who print money bitcoin is deflationary. Digital gold is like a simplistic example.. each cryptocurrency has its own characteristics and uses.
      However i would guess that 80 to 90% of them will become useless in a few years and most of the cryptocurrency market will consolidate around if you big players.
      The utility of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular is imagine yourself a small business owner in venezuela trying to keep your life savings from being inflated away by the government printing money as fast as i can.. you want some way to preserve your wealth anyway my two cents.

  7. so bitcoin is not run by any government or organization right. so who set these machines out there? Who stocks them with cash? Not the local banks not the PI government.

    1. +Tyler Traveller it’s like any other ATM machine you can purchase the machine and then collect the fee whenever it’s used.

    1. Yes that does kind of drive me crazy.. looking at becoming a citizen of Puerto Rico after they get the power back on of course 😉

  8. I don’t like btc atms to slow and a hassle. I prefer using like cash app or I’m sure there are ones in different countries. It’s instant for me. And if I send crypto to a friend I like LTC, less chance of a btc flash crash and then your just waiting without access to the btc. And then they use exchange or app to withdraw. I’m grateful to crypto because of the money I’ve made and it has the right ideology BUT it is a long way off. Before mass adoption “crypto” needs to get their shit together and actually produce more effective product. However, it has sparked people to start caring about currency and the way they view their data. 🤷🏻‍♂️ so that’s a win for me.

    Side note: you upload this to dtube, yeah? If not you prolly should. (I figure you do because if steemit)

    FYI: I only sometimes watch because the cute pinay… ha, sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️ ( it’s like a bcash marketing tool 😉)

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