Check out this video as I head into London and use a SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATM in the city of London!

This is a SUPER easy way to buy Bitcoin & cryptocurrency if you are a newbie or are finding it difficult to get verified on an exchange / FIAT gateway.

Want to find a Bitcoin ATM near to you? Check out this map:

jaxx Wallet:


Used a Bitcoin ATM before? Drop a comment below and let us know where!


Hey! I’m James, an entrepreneur & cryptocurrency enthusiast based in the South-West of England.

I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can about cryptocurrency & blockchain technology.

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– GoPro HERO5 Session
– AmazonBasics GoPro Tripod Mounts
– JOBY GripTight GorillaPod

– GoPro HERO5 Session
– AmazonBasics GoPro Tripod Mounts
– JOBY GripTight GorillaPod


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(I am not a financial advisor, nor do I claim to be. These are just my opinions, not financial advice. All investing is speculative. Do your research!)

56 Replies to “Buying Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM in London, UK (SatoshiPoint)”

  1. Easy, fast, secure, decentralized, anonymous & very user-friendly! Outstanding dear James! Thx for sharing how to get onboard into crypto space! Now we can all go to the moon!

  2. Haters will say bongs & BitCoin is the combo the public immediately thinks of when thinking of CryptoCurrency 😉

    1. Soheb Shahzad I did this yesterday and bought £50 of satoshi and it says you must use bit coin wallet so I downloaded . I do not know what charged me but I was charged 30p

    1. Soheb Shahzad Clint Osterholz:
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  3. Hey bro. What’s the best way to convert bitcoin into gbp and send it to a bank account. I think this question could make a rad video. Cheers.

    1. calvinantion Clint Osterholz:
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  4. Nice one mate.What is the location of this ATM?? I’ve been today in three and they are gone.Satoshi at Bermondsey is gone and no info about it ,google shows it as active but is not there,same story with one at Edgware Rd and Rathbone Pl, near Oxford St. Very frustrating day.

  5. Hi -fantastic video. I am so happy you are doing these. A question…you said you had some kind of wallet on your cellphone. Can you explain a little. I am a beginner beginner. Thank you. Anna

    1. Hey Anna! Great to have you here. Yes, I use a wallet on my phone called Jaxx. I find it super convenient and it supports all of the major cryptocurrencies. Highly recommend it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    2. Anna Sper how did you get on? I’m a beginner beginner too! I want to get started and am a little confused with all of this too.

    1. Bossing Bitcoin thanks for your reply. I checked the link you send before unfortunately can’t find any operating in Central London which is weird. Perhaps you can direct me to any in Central London please. I appreciate it

  6. perhaps it will ask the ID or some sort of fingerprint if you deposit or withdraw more than the 500 Pound , thats the only reason i concluded from the machine when it made you choose the between ( less or more than 500GBP) i can see like a fingerprint hole on the left i think

  7. I’m following bitcoin spoor some time but have been unfortunate to buy some. great video. Thanks for the sharing great info. do u trust jaxx wallet?

  8. Hi James im really enjoying your videos, but am still slightly confused. I want to get into Bitcoin and would like to buy £100worth via one of these cash machines just to test the waters, I live in west london. Anyway in order to buy bitcoin do I need to get a ‘wallet’ or ‘account’ or can I just go to a machine and buy bitcoin? Where does it get stored? Really confused here. I’ve heard you mentioned about Jaxs wallet, is that an app type wallet? and I’ve seen some videos where people download their ‘wallet’ to  usb type thing? Someone else mentioned that if you lose your phone you lose the wallet too but isn’t it digital? i.e like you just log in from another device and see you wallet? Thanks in advanced.

  9. Maybe you wanna fill in all the blanks next time like how much you get charged, what buttons to press, what to check after transaction done

  10. how much extra charge and how much do you make a week / a month with your purchased bit coin and whats the best wallet for a newby

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