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Wondering how to use a Bitcoin ATM? You came to the right place.

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There are four easy steps that I break down in this bitcoin ATM tutorial.

00:21 STEP 1 how to use a bitcoin ATM: choose your option
00:41 STEP 2 bitcoin ATM tutorial: scan your QR code
00:59 STEP 3 how to use a bitcoin ATM: enter cash
01:30 STEP 4 bitcoin ATM tutorial: check confirmation on wallet

Convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency with ease when you know how to use a bitcoin ATM.

I hope this bitcoin ATM tutorial was helpful to you.

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15 Replies to “How To Use A Bitcoin ATM | Bitcoin ATM Tutorial”

  1. I don’t like anyone spying or keeping tabs on me.
    That’s why I opted for Paxful where I can buy bitcoins anonymously.

  2. Hi there im really enjoying your videos, but am still slightly confused. I want to get into Bitcoin and would like to buy £100worth via one of these cash machines just to test the waters, I live in west london. Anyway in order to buy bitcoin do I need to get a ‘wallet’ or ‘account’ or can I just go to a machine and buy bitcoin? Where does it get stored? Really confused here. I’ve heard about Jaxs wallet, is that an app type wallet? Someone else mentioned that if you lose your phone you lose the wallet too but isn’t it digital? i.e like you just log in from another device and see you wallet? Thanks in advanced.

  3. It needs a cash out function in my opinion. Otherwise you still need a centralized exchange and you also need to be tech savy in order to open an online exchange account. This is one of the biggest barriers to entry and use of cypto.

  4. There are a lot of business opportunities presented on bitcoin ATMs… most of the btc bought by fiat on these ATMs are from private wallets and certain people, myself included .,make profits in continuum from the daily transactions.

    1. Please more info on how this is made possible… I have a blockchain wallet with bitcoins just sitting in it. what’s your strategy?

    2. Being in the right place at the time I suppose. I connected with a blockchain analyst on LinkedIn whose been actively involved in keeping me abreast with the information needed every bit of the way. You can contact him for more info on juliobernalofficials@gmail*com He’s open to anyone as long as you’re not a jester. Be sure to leave a message saying you got in contact with me so not to think you’re a spam.

    3. I know Dr Julio. Great guy!! He’s consulted and helped my financial problem ever since I started working with him. If you’re looking to invest in crypto currency, this is the best setup you can get on. Unlike bitcoin mining or trading, it leaves you with way more transparency and control over your investment.

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