24 Replies to “OneCoin VS Bitcoin ATM”

    1. Where have bitcoin been all along to open up AT machines I know they are afraid of one coin dats why they are doing all their best but remember one coin is future.

    2. +barasa ivan ojuba chrisvan fake onecoin is not cryptocurrency.
      Moreover, it costs zero, can not be exchanged for money.
      You were given garbage under the guise of cryptocurrency, and you paid money for it. Allegedly for education (fake as one coin).
      Scammers took advantage of your low level of knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency and appropriated your money.

    1. ankareeb ap se pocha ga inshallah.Bitcoin aisa Currency khabie bhi nahin chalsakta.one coin next month tak inshallah exchange me open ho jai gi

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    1. Pauline is by far one of the best traders the crypto space has to offer, she’s been super profitable and proficient. I have a profit of 8 btc now

    2. +Tyler Mckenzie nvest with Pauline, its definitely the wisest decision you can make in crypto trading , so email her: paulineburnett101@gmail. com

    3. +Moreno Garcia Cool – now I hope you get a juicy punishment from your government for promoting this scam and scamming your family, friends and followers. Fucking idiots.

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