8 Replies to “Starting My Bitcoin ATM Business Part 2”

    1. Token Recap I’m a fan of your attention to detail bro. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Definitely headed to your other media pages.

  1. damn brother you totally out did yourself with this one… extremely helpful thanks…. between last week and this the amount of btms sold from all producers on coinatmradar stats is increasing daily…. nuts

  2. Are you interested in starting a private network between you and I? I live in Australia and for tax reasons I need to cut out the middle man.

  3. First off I want to say thanks @Derek for this enlightening video. Bitcoin ATM investment as an operator is great but it has a couple of stuffy sides like a placement location with steady traffic, legal regulations and the huge amount of capital required to cover all costs leaving out time needed. But there’s an up side to this investment. You can play a shadow or secondary role by joining the bitcoin exchange network who supply cryptocurrency float for the machines. To do so you have to get in contact with a bitcoin ATM operator who would guide you on how to collaborate. I’ve been lucky enough to link up with an associate and have had a successful partnership with daily incentives in continuum. This investment is a lot more affordable with lesser tasks to be responsible for. I advice anyone looking to invest in bitcoin ATM to start with this and build from there.

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