This is the start of this new digital cash revolution.. You can take advantage of this new financial trend and start to capitalize from this market….. or You can wait around watching and waiting on the fence and risk getting left behind.

22 Replies to “Stop Wasting Money Stop By A Bitcoin ATM Machine”

  1. I don’t understand. A Dash rap, wearing Dash swag, and you’re buying Bitcoin? And then burning the Dash logo? Help me understand!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for watching and commenting +Cash Alternative TV.. We want to be apart of the Dash Nation. We are coming to help to bring more awareness to the digital currency space especially DASH.. It takes Bitcoin to get Dash, or at least until we can have the convenience of Dash ATM machine.. Dash is the currency that will withstand the fire!

      our DASH address for donations >>

    1. Glad to have you in the audience. Thanks for watching and we definitely appreciate the sub +Fake James Bond

    1. toan Nguyen 20 dollar fee…or lose your money on coin base as the price drops …lmao fuck coin base I’m all in the atm I completely stopped using gdax an coin base an all that govt regulated shit the IRs is planning to use coin base to get ppls personal info to see there amounts
      . an catch the crypto cashing out tax evaders lol

  2. I didn’t learn a Damn thing by this, some old guy trying to rap about digital cash and some ppl going to a bitcoin atm but didnt say shit about nothing! This was a waste of footage

  3. Bitcoin ATMs serve as the crypto middle man. Do you know that most of the btc bought by fiat on these ATMs are from private wallet holdings relayed by blockchain. This has relayed blockchain users making back profits in continuum from the daily transaction fees.

    1. I know Dr Julio. Great guy!! Ever since I started taking consultations from him I’ve tripled my weekly income. If you’re looking to invest in crypto currency, relaying your btc to lamassu Atms for quick trade is the best setup you can get on. This leaves you with way more transparency and control over your investment with clear cut profits as there can be only more and more traffic from these bitcoin atm users.

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