Hey guys, my experience using Chiang Mai’s first ever Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency ATM. Feel free to leave comments and questions below. I hope you enjoy this video. Please Like and Subscribe

ATM Location: www.google.co.th/maps/place/Cube+No.7/@18.7952067,98.9702957,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x30da3a88ec74d1fd:0xde8f59edba19f82b!2sCube+No.7!8m2!3d18.7952067!4d98.9724844!3m4!1s0x30da3a88ec74d1fd:0xde8f59edba19f82b!8m2!3d18.7952067!4d98.9724844?hl=en&hl=en

28 Replies to “Testing Bitcoin ATM in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

    1. hey man, to transfer to BX my bank charges around 20 baht. BX charge nothing. BX take a 0.25% fee of the crypto trade.

    2. Lj Esquire
      Funny…i just tried to transfer a 1000 baht to check ther fee and they wanted 179 baht…17.9% surely thats not right??

    3. they do add an extra amount onto the transaction just so they can identify it in there system and match it to your receipt, but that extra amount is not a fee it goes to your credit.It could have been that but its usually under 50 baht though

    4. do you pay taxes on it if you sell in bx and put in in a thai bank account, and another factor is buying and selling is working in thailand, do you have work permit, if not you know thai cops can take your money right

    1. Dustin Halliday no fees, although the exchange rate was not as good as bx. But that can vary. Sometimes I have seen it with better rate than bx

    1. not any I have seen. there is a crypto meet up group every thursday night in Chiang Mai.. if you are here… maybe u will meet someone there that will know

  1. Bitcoin ATMs serve as the crypto middle man. Do you know that most of the btc bought by fiat on these ATMs are from private wallet holdings relayed by blockchain. This has relayed blockchain users making back profits in continuum from the daily transaction fees.

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  2. Do they ask for identity verification for buying bitcoins? Also what is the maximum buying limit for bitcoin atm?

    1. Hi Sariv, no ID required when buying from ATM. you can purchase as much as you like but sometimes the ATM will run out.

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