Survival Bros use a Bitcoin ATM to purchase #cryptocurrency at a shopping mall in Oregon, USA. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT – SUBSCRIBE AND DONTATE TO MY BITCOIN WALLET: 1MH5yjPDcZXLypUzdWen2DzgzB6Je6gV9n

15 Replies to “Using a Bitcoin ATM to Buy Cryptocurrency with CASH”

    1. Physical gold & silver is, in my humble opinion, a solid investment. Checkout the video I posted above

  1. YouTube says I have 5 comments, but it shows only this one. What’s up with that? No comments are held for review… #SPAM

    1. +D Rutter Yeah, it did NOT register your LIKE. My own was number four. YouTube itself shows there’s 10 comments on this video, but to the public there’s only five. So five comments have been removed by #google without notice!!! #mayday #911 #censorship

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